Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cupcake Sleepover

As our kids get older, it becomes harder and harder to come up with ideas for birthday parties. Well, I've got one you may be interested in!
Host a Cupcake Sleepover!

Invite several of your daughter's best friends over to stay the night. Order pizza, popcorn, movie - the works. Then, as an added bonus for both you and your guests, go crazy with cupcakes!

Prior to the sleepover (or while your girls are going crazy in the next room) bake cucakes for a birthday party. Give them a good mixture of chocolate ones, vanilla, even lemon. After they've cooled, invite the girls into the kitchen where you've laid out all sorts of decorating stuff for the cupcakes! You can even provide pastry bags so they can try their hands at adding some filling. You can then have the family come over the following day for the birthday party and serve the cupcakes the girls decorated the night before!

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