Friday, February 11, 2011

Garden Party!

Spring is almost here! (I'm jumping up and down while I type that...) Spring is my favorite time of the year!
If you have the time and space to,  you should consider hosting a garden party this spring. Gather your friends around in the yard, share some food, some laughter, and maybe even some flower prizes, and have a great time!

For your location, choose a place in your yard that has been fixed up with your most beautiful flower choices. Set out a few tables and cover with tablecloths. Centerpieces are as simple as a small bouquet of flowers!

Give out small potted plants for prizes for the games. One great game to play is "Take A Penny" Have each of the ladies bring a small bag full of pennies, and as you say stuff like, "If you've been to florida, take a penny, if you ever went on a blind date, put in two pennies, etc" they do as you say, between the pennies in their hands and on the table. The table with the most pennies in the middle wins. :-)

Let each lady decorate their own wreath with flowers. They will enjoy having something fresh and springy to decorate with at home!

And lastly, the eats! We all like to eat, right?
Of course, you simply must have cupcakes! What is a cupcake blog worth without mentioning the delectible goodness of cupcakes? Here's a great idea for garden party cupcakes!

Serve cucumber sandwiches, tea, lemonade, cheese and crackers, and fruit, and you're set!

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