Monday, March 21, 2011

Sweet 16 Party Tips

The sweet sixteen party which you and your daughter plan should start with picking a theme for the party.  The theme you choose may dictate where you will hold the party.  If your daughter wants a bowling party, for instance, then the party would have to be held at the local bowling alley.  Some girls with summer birthdays will want their party to be on the beach or at a local pool.  And, other girls want their theme to be elegant and more adult.  For this last type of party you might want to have it at a restaurant or at your home.

Teens usually like to party alone, meaning they prefer to have a bunch of friends over rather than hanging out with their parents and other adults. If you plan a party where  adults will be invited, be sure and give the teens a place they can congregate without the adults looking over their shoulders. Supervision may be necessary, just do it from a distance!

Teens like food at their parties and their favorite is usually pizza, chips, coke. Don; forget an awesome cake. But cupcakes are always a great choice because no one has to wait until the cake is cut before enjoying the sweet treats!

Planning a sweet sixteen party doesn’t need to be complicated or stressful.  The most important part is to plan a party everyone can enjoy and remember – especially the guest of honor.  

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