Friday, March 11, 2011

The World's Largest!

Record breaking delights, let me tell you! Wait till you see this!

World's Largest Bagel

This whopping bagel weighs 868 pounds! It was created by Bruegger's bakery in 2004. Measuring 6 feet in diameter and 20 inches thick, this masterpiece used 1,075 pounds of dough, 660 pounds of flour, 53 pounds of malt and tookk 9 people to bake it!

World's Biggest Cookie

Weighing in at a scrumptious 40,000 pounds, this chocolate chip cookie took the title in 2003 via the Immaculate Baking Co. Over 100 feet in diameter, this giat cookie took 6,000 pounds of chocolate chips, 12,200 pounds of flour, 6,525 pounds of butter, 5,000 pounds of sugar, 3,370 pounds of brown sugar, 184 pounds of salt, 79 pounds of baking soda, 30,000 eggs, and 10 gallons of vanilla! Can you imagine paying that grocery bill?

World's Largest Fudge

I would have loved to be a taste tester for this! Created by a lady in Canada, this fudge hit the record weighing 5,050 pounds! Though I couldn't find a list of the ingredients used, you can imagine the amount of chocolate used! Chocolate heaven!

World's Largest Cupcake

Of course, we can't end this article without mentioning cupcakes! In 2009, the world's largest cupcake was created by GourmetGiftBaskets. Weighing in at 1,224 pounds, this cupcake needed 200 pounds of flour, 200 pounds of sugar, 200 pounds of butter and oil, and 1,000 eggs! Now that, my friends, is a cupcake!

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