Monday, April 25, 2011

Cupcakes For Mother's Day

Mothers day is right around the corner! What better way to show Mom how much you love her then with a basket of flowers. Even better, what about edible flowers? These basket of flowers cupcakes is super easy to make and are perfect for letting the little ones help with decorating!
These are made the same way as the Easter baskets we made for Easter. The flower petal are made with large sized candy confetti and the centers can be made with mini M&M's or any round candy. The candy licorice can be found at specialty stores, or you can use the red licorice found in the candy isle. I think the pastels are more festive. As with the Easter baskets, you can use pipe cleaners for the handles.
This set of cupcakes only require a heart shaped piece of candy and a steady hand to write with. Really, really easy, and Mom will love these just as much as a flower basket!

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  1. I really admire these Cupcakes for Mother's Day. Basket themed cupcake is extremely beautiful. My parent’s anniversary is in next week and I will definitely make these cupcakes for their party. You know we have been planning to host a surprise bash for them at domestic venue Houston TX. So excited for the day.