Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Cupcake Party

Let the kids make their own Easter Cupcake. This eliminates a lot of prep time for you! Simply make you cupcakes, then let the kids go wild with their decorating! If you live in an area where the weather is nice, have this party outside on a picnic table covered with a disposable table cloth. When the decorating is finished, simply take the table cloth and wrap up the trash and throw away. Such an easy clean up!
If you plan to do a brunch on Easter Sunday, these carrot napkins are just too cute to pass up! All you need is green plastic ware, orange napkins and green pipe cleaners. (Thanks Family Fun, for the idea!)
 These Easter cups are easy to assemble with pom poms, pipe cleaners, and google eyes. The bunny ears are made of felt and the chick feathers are made of little yellow feathers, but you can also use felt for the chick tail. The chick nose and feet are also made of felt. You can use these cups to serve drinks or for little treats.

These bird nests are made just like marshmallow crispy treats. Use Chinese noodles instead of rice crispies and use a muffin cup to mold the nest shapes. Place candy eggs inside after you have molded the nests.
Visit Guiding Your Home Blog for a short article on Easter celebrations!

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