Thursday, January 6, 2011

Building Blocks Party

Ideas, ideas, ideas! What to do for little Jr's 2nd or 3rd birthday party? Boys love building blocks, so why not have a building blocks themed party! (This also goes well with a Bob the Builder party) If he doesn't already have some, you could buy him some Mega Blocks and use them to decorate, and get greative with games for them (if you really need games - kids this young would just be happy playing with the blocks) and here are some really cool ideas!

For party favors, fill toy trucks with candy and stuff for them to take home. For a door prize, get a small tool set. Decorate with tools, dump trucks and blocks! How easy is that?

For games and activities, you could simply let the kids race to see who can build the tallest tower the quickest, or who can fill the block box up first. With small kids, it really isn't that difficult to entertain them. You can have Bob the Builder playing on the T.V. for an added touch!
For cake, try this cute idea!
Building Blocks cake! It's so easy to make! It's just marshmallows on top of squares of cake covered in colored icing! Check it out!

Your kids will love this idea! Even I do! :-)

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