Thursday, January 6, 2011

Just Going Bananas for a Monkey Party

Looking for a birthday party them you don't see everyday? Does your child like monkeys? Have a monkey party! It will be jungle-riffic!

For decorations, you can decorate with palm trees, bananas and monkeys! You can find things around this theme at most party supply stores. Be sure and visit our other blog post for more monkey party decorations and ideas!

For games and activities, you can have a face painter transform faces into little monkeys! You can place poster paper on the wall and let them get creative by coloring a mural of monkeys and trees. Place "Money See Monkey Do" (which is basically follow the leader!) Oh, and "Monkey In The Middle!"

Eating is always fun, and your kids will love "monkey pops" Purchase Popsicle sticks, insert into a peeled banana (halved probably) and dipped in chocolate!

I love the cake idea! He is so cute, isn't he? Almost too cute to eat!

Or you could come on over and see us and find out what kind of cute monkey cupcake creations we can come up with for you!

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