Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Cupcake for Daddy, a Cupcake for Mommy, a Cupcake for Baby and a Cupcake for Doggy...

What? A cupcake for a dog, you ask? Well, actually, they are called, "Pupcakes" and yes, they are specially made for you dog! What is this world coming to, right? LOL!
These treats are designed to target your dogs taste buds and are healthy for them as well. Most of the ingredients are things you will find in your cabinets at home!
So, if you have a dog that likes to eat from your table, but you are tired of sharing your ham, make some of these! And if you are having guests over for the holidays who happen to have dogs, make sure you make the holidays brighter for the pooch as well!

Just be sure that nobody gets them confused with your people cupcakes - they do look just like cupcakes we eat every day!

For several different recipes, visit this web site!

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