Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Why "Birth-Day, and not "Birth-Week"?

Most kids think that their birthday is the best day of the year, next to Christmas. And many would give anything to make it last longer. When you think about it, it wasn't just that first day that you celebrated the birth of your baby! You probably had friends and family in and out of your hospital room and at your home for a good part of that first week. So why not make thier wish come true?
Next time your child's birthday rolls around, start six days before your child's actual birthday. Instead of getting one large gift, get seven smaller gifts, or six tiny gifts and one big gift. Each day, do one special activity with your child and then give them a gift. Take them to the park one day, maybe out to eat one day, and even spend some time with them at home just having some quality time together. You could even plan some surprise visits throughout the week from friends and family that your child loves.
To end the week of celebration, on the day of your child's birthday, throw a big party, inviting friends and family over and have fun with you! Your little one will feel so special, and I am thinking that you will have quite a fun time as well!

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