Monday, November 22, 2010

A Tea Party Fit For A Princess!

From as early as I can remember, I have always
loved tea parties, dressing up, and anything romantic. I believe that it is in a
girl's nature to love these things. So why not give that little princess of
yours the party of her dreams with a Royal Tea Party?

In your invitations, you can include instructions
to dress up as a princess, in her finest attire. It will thrill the girls to get
to dress up and wear Mommy's lipstick for the day! Make sure you have a

Party decorations are very simple for a party of
this choice, since the main focus of a tea party is on the table. Fix the table
up with a colorful tablecloth, tea sets and make a Lolipop flower arrangment. To
do this, simply cut out flower shapes and leaves, and glue them to one side of a
basic lolipop. The girls can "pick" on of these to take home.

For games and activities, the young party guests
can do each other's makeup for a photoshoot, play "hot teddy bear" (which is
"hot potato" substituting bear for spud!) I found a game on one website that I
thought was particularly cute. It is called "Kiss the frog" and is basically
like "Pin the tail on the donkey" except that each guest applies red lipstick
and actually kisses the frog (drawn on posterboard, or course)! A cute craft
activity to try is making paper fans out of construction paper and doilies. For
details on this craft, visit :

You can serve little tea sandwiches and small snack
foods, and choose your child's favorite drink to serve as "tea" The cupcakes to
serve with a party like this is the "Spot of Tea" cupcakes found at:

 They look to be a bit time-consuming, but I believe your
daughter and her guest will love the finished product!

Having a tea party for your little girl is a sure
way to make her birthday a day she will never forget!

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