Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Some of my favorite Cake Creations

Some of my favorite Cake Creations

Sure, we have all seen "Cake Boss" and all the beautiful confectionary creations he and his team come up with, but I must confess - some of my favorite cakes are a lot more simple than those. Here are a few of my all-time favorite cakes that I hope to create one of these days...

1. Under Water Cake

Isn't this the coolest idea for a cake? And it is so easy to make! Candy rocks, gummy fish, sour belts, blue icing and a cake, and you are set!

2. Sandbucket Cake
 Just think of all the "Oh, how cute" comments you would get with the cake! Bring a little bit of beach to any get-together with this bucket-of-sand cake. And you can't get any easier on decorating a cake!

3. Apple Cupcakes
 How cute are these mini apple cupcakes? I love the fake little bite that they created in them too! The stems and seeds of these cuties are just toosie rolls and the leaves are the green tootsie rolls!

4. Frosty The Cupcake
 I just found these a few days ago, and intend on making them for our family's christmas meal. They are so adorable! And these, too, are very simple to make! Click on this link to read directions and see a video on how to make them as well!

I hope you have enjoyed seeing a few of my favorite cake creations. For details on how to make these cakes, and more cute cake ideas, go to www.familyfun.com !

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  1. All these cakes are crappy. I like cake bosses cakes better :)