Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Pros and Cons of Cupcakes Versus Cakes

The Pros and Cons of Cupcakes Versus Cakes

You are faced with the decision of whether to make cupcakes or a sheet cake. Which do you choose? Do you want my humble opinion before you decide?

The single pro of a sheet cake would be that it broadens your choices for decorating the cake. It is a great deal easier to "paint an edible picture" on a full cake rather than on cupcakes.
However, there are many pros in favor of cupcakes. Cupcakes are more simple to decorate and are a lot easier to transport than a full cake. They also help to prevent over-eating since they are each individually a serving size portion.

Sheet cake cons definitely outweigh the pros. They are more difficult and stressful to transport. One of the biggest cons with a sheet cake is that it makes it so easy for us to over-indulge and eat much more than our needed serving size of sugar. The only con I see with cupcakes is that, as I stated earlier, you are limited with decorating abilities. However, there are many different lovely decorating ideas out there for beautiful cupcakes.

Overall, unless you are dead set to have a sheet cake, I believe your smartest decision is to go with cupcakes. Easier for you and far more healthy for those who enjoy them!

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