Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wild Cowboy Birthday Party

If you have boys, then you know the definition of "wild." So next time your little cowboy has a birthday, give him a reason to be wild! Have a "Wild West" party!
Include in the invitations instructions to dress up like cowboys or Indians. And make sure to have your camera for a group photo of everyone all dressed up!
For decorations, you can start by decorating with large, cardboard  cacti, cowboy hats, and even rubber snakes. You can make chili pepper garland by sculpting peppers out of aluminum foil and covering them with red tape. Create leaves and stem out of green pipe cleaners and attach them to red ribbon.
You will have so much fun with the games for a western themed party! Hold a gold rush contest. In this game, you fill a small, swimming pool with a few inches of sand and then a few inches of water. Paint some rocks with gold spray paint and you can throw in some gems too. Give each guest a pie pan that you have places holes in the bottom and let them pan for gold! For every rock or gem they find, they get a prize! Other cute game ideas can be found at Kids Party Paradise
Make snakes out of striped tights by filling them three-quarters of the way full of stuffing. Knot the tail at the end and glue eyes and a tongue on. This makes for a very nice party favor! You can also hand out adorable goodie bags made out of a bandanna filled with party favors and candy. One more thing would be to print off these cute coloring pages found at:Family Fun.com
Dessert could not be easier for this party. Cover cupcakes with your choice of frosting then dip them in sand (brown sugar). Thread Jujifruits on toothpicks and leave the tip exposed.  Add a red one on the tip and you have super cute, very easy cupcakes! For detailed directions, visit Family Fun.com

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